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hair removal, electrolysis



Denise (center) with family

Denise Edwards

Electrolysis and Laser hair removal worked for me, so I share with everyone!


I'm Denise Edwards, I have over 20 years of hair removal experience, and I learned first hand-- originally as a client of Certified Hair Removal and now as the owner. Because I first experienced hair removal from a client's perspective, I find it easy to talk about electrolysis, laser and everything else.  


Although I'm a Raleigh/Durham resident and I went to school in Chapel Hill, I have international clients and US clients that come from as far as New York for hair removal. Many visit from southern Virginia and the Triad, however, most of my clients are from the Triangle, RTP, Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.


Speaking of clients, they have a lot to say about hair removal:



Monday - Friday
Call for appointments 9:00am - 5:00pm
By appointment only
Call 919-818-3569 for more info!

"I'd swim through the Panama Canal to get to my appointment with Denise!"



“Denise helped me accomplish my goals; I feel good about myself and I’m very happy with my treatments!”



“Denise makes me feel so comfortable that I look forward to every appointment”.
Carol. B.


"Denise is personable & professional. I look forward to my appointment."


Denise is wonderful!  She is extremely caring, competent, and delightful.  5 stars!!  





"I started going to Denise several years ago and she did such a wonderful job that I only had to go back intermittently for touch ups as you get those wild and crazy hormonal hairs (LOL). 


 I decided I wanted some further other work done and have been going more regularly.  Her new location is great (just ring the bell when you arrive and she will come greet you with her charming smile). 


Her office sets a calm and therapeutic tone.  She’s very friendly and will help talk you through things if needed. 



Denise had been providing electrolysis treatments for me for 20 years. Her office is clean, her manner is calming, she is professional and knowledgable. She has earned my respect and maintained it. 



Denise helped me with my hair prroblem. She is very devoted to her clients. She made me feel like a new woman. I highly recomend her for being a great electrolygist! Many of my friends go to her also.


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