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Waiting Room

My new space is wonderful!


I've got lots of room and you know how much I love decorating, so I'm already planning tatouage-


Come visit and give me your decoration ideas! 





My new office is big, beautiful, and don't forget Location, Location, Location!


I'm at the center of the Duke Regional Hospital  Community and it's incredible how many services are within walking distance-


My suite is C2, located near the middle of the building.


Internal Medicine, Dentists and lots of other medical professionals are in my building, across the street and within walking distance.


I'm across the street from a CVS and a bank and would love for you to come visit!



Corner of Roxobro and Carver

Views of my new room

Denise at Carver St. Entrance

Come see me soon!


If you are already a client, I know you're going to love the location, peace and tranquility.


And if you're new to Electrolysis and Hair Removal, contact me so that you can be Hair free!


Contact Denise at Certified Electrolysis and Hair Removal Center

Roxoboro St. (parking lot is on Carver)

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